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back to "today" on thursday morning. it's 28th day of july, 2011. nice day here in new york city. maybe a little bit more humid than it has been in the last day or so. but that's okay. we're not going to whine. yes, we will. we'll whine a little bit. anyway, i'm matt lauer along with ann curry, savannah guthrie, and al roker. how is it that complaining? >> alex trebek. >> that's right. yes. we're going to get into that. >> yes. meanwhile, coming up in a little while, the power professionals are back. >> yes, we're going to go over some of the hot topics, one of which is the dsk accuser announcing a public media campaign coming out identifying herself. was it a good public relations
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move? was it a good legal move? talk about that. a new study that makes the places to travel and finds that the u.s. is the place where people visit here in the other places, they gained the most weight. the u.s. beats out italy, france, all of the great places with food. >> usa! usa! >> weigh in on all of those issues. >> then we all know about some of the credit card perks like cash-back programs or mileage programs with the airlines, but there are some hidden perks that you may not know about. we are going to tell you about them in the fine print that could potentially save you hundreds of dollars a car rentals to travel insurance. find out if they offer you these deals. >> with the rising temperatures, we might want tips from bobby thomas on things like heat-proof makeup, health-proof makeup. clothing and accessories to help you beat the heat. hear from her coming up this morning. if i could interrupt and give
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you your moment of bliss. >> interrupt yourself? >> yes, before you started to say something, i wanted to show this face, that's your moment of bliss this morning. what's his name? >> cole. >> cole. >> six months tomorrow. beautiful. >> okay. >> there you are. >> al has that same green jump suit. >> hand in my mouth. >> we've got a lot to get to. let's go inside. natalie has all of the headlines. hi, nat. >> good morning, matt, savannah, good morning, everybody. the house is expected to vote on john boehner's plan to cut spending and raise the debt ceiling. even if it passes, it's said to have a little chance senate and the house threatens a veto. the white house warned of catastrophic consequences if there is no debt deal by tuesday. norway said it will set up an independent commission to investigate the massacre reviewing that country's security services to see what lessons could be learned about the response of the tragedy. police expect to interrogate
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anders breivik tomorrow. in somalia half of the population is going hungry. the world food program is sending in almost 25 -- 75 tons of food over the next few days. the region is in the midst of the worst drought it has seen in 60 years. hundreds of people crash with police last night outside of the same chinese theater in hollywood. they were forced to leave a film premiere when officials said the theater was overcrowded. two people were arrested. and "jeopardy" host alex trebek is going to have surgery on his achilles tendon. he was injured chasing down a burglar who stole cash and a bracelet out of his hotel room. people are moving out of rural america and in to cities. rural america accounts for 16% of the u.s. population. that is the lowest ever. police and road crews use push brooms this morning in australia to corral a surprised
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visitor. there, a five-foot crocodile emerged from a storm drain. a wild life ranger captured it and took it away on the front seat of his suv. not exactly sure i'd like having someone like that in the passenger seat next to me. a crocodile, a friend. four minutes past the hour. go back outside to mr. roker. >> all right, thank you so much. it's no joke, you came from 1,000 oaks to hug ann. oh, ann? ann curry? this lady came 1,000 miles -- from 1,000 oaks for a hug from you? >> there you go? >> because you know what, i give a good hug, baby, come on. >> and hug it out. >> yeah! i like it. let's check your weather. suddenly ann pulls into the crowd. oh, my gosh. we'll show you right now, we have tropical storm don right now. 545 miles east-southeast of corpus christi, texas, winds at ten miles per hour.
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should come on shore sometime early saturday morning as an immediate william storm. all in all, not too bad. 60 mile-per-hour winds, rainfall amounts, anywhere from 2 to maybe 5 inches of rain between corpus christi as far east as houston and maybe up to san antonio. chicago o'hare getting dumped right now. the wettest july on rofrecord. storms keep training in omaha to grand rapids. that's what's going onat >> you will see cloud cover to start the day. ilater this afternoon, a slight chance of
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and that's your latest weather. savannah? ♪ i've been taking care of business ♪ >> now to "today's professionals," a panel of power players talking about the stories and surveys that are important to you. star jones, an attorney, author, and tv personality. donny deutsch is chairman of deutsche incorporated, a multibillion dollar advertising agency. and dr. nancy schneiderman is a doctor. >> billion dollar option. >> she's got a nice skill. >> supersmart. >> nbc's chief medical editor. quite fired up already this morning. >> yes. >> here we go. let's start with the accuser of dominique strauss kahn. she came forward and told her story. she had a rape allegation against him. was this a good legal move? >> the prosecution has pretty much let her know and everybody else know that they're moving
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toward dismissing the case. it feels the final desperate move of somebody who was out of moves, quite frankly. she told what i saw as a convincing story of the sexual incident. there's a whole lot wrong with her credibility. but as a prosecutor, i always evaluated things based on whether or not they had details. and i think that the sexual allegation, the rape, if you will, had details layered to it. it didn't sound like lies to me. everything else in her life may have sounded like a lie. >> but ultimately, this interview was designed to place public pressure on the prosecutor. >> absolutely. >> looking not to press charges or pursue the charges because of the credibility issue. donny, ho howe do you think sh came through as a public relations move. >> we live in a 15-minute world, legality aside, we live in the world now that people want the
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spotlight on them whether it's good or bad. it's something -- >> that's what you think it feels. >> part of it was -- >> i don't think the rape victim ever wants it spotlight. >> i know part of this could be -- i've got to cash in on this. not saying whether her stories or true or not true. but we now know -- the light goes on, everybody -- whether it makes sense or not, we're trained -- the media world is training people, shine the light on me, whether it's stupid or not. >> the victims have been shield in the past and there's been the law to shield identities. the fact she steps forward against the legality or the marketing aspects but one of the thing is that her narrative has changed. people who undergo a sexual attack, they don't have a linear narrative right off of the bat. so the fact that there are discrepancies, at least to someone who's sort of been there, i was attacked in college, i couldn't put the narrative together for quite sometime. so i think that doesn't matter. now, the fact that she's lied before about how many kids she had and -- maybe those are survival skills. i don't know.
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let's talk about -- >> why? >> you raise a good point that a person who has been traumatized may get some facts wrong in terms of the narrative. but, star, as you know, this is a person who prosecutors feel lied to the grand jury, lied to them, and lied about a prior allegation of rape. isn't that the deathnail for prosecution. >> it is not. i've tried a case where a crack head prostitute fell asleep in the middle of her testimony and i got a conviction. that's not -- it's not a death nail in any way. and remember one thing -- a lying, cheating, sneaky, maybe prostitute african immigrant who is a crack head could be a rape victim. and that is the thing that we all need to rebel. >> no question there. there's no perfect victim. let's move on to an air brushing controversy. donny, this one is going to you. overseas, they pulled a couple of ads featuring julia roberts and christy turlington on the basis that they've been so overly air brushed and we can show them to you that it's not truth in advertising.
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donny? >> i'm aghast. i can't believe it. i'm ashamed that i'm a part of this industry. look this, is a fantasy -- in movies, we like people a certain way. who cares? we are selling -- what you are -- >> i'm buying it. >> but you're a big girl. you're a big girl. so tired of advertisers being blamed because we set this idealistic world up. and ironically, we're the most successful campaigns right now is a dove campaign that shows very real, very -- you know, not perfect-looking women. so i don't think it's smart marketing. but i'm kind of -- children of parents being rendered helpless by the heinous magazine people because we -- we change what julia roberts look like. >> everyone knows that's not a real photo. i don't want more government in my life. >> one more instance of i'm so tired of blurred haplessness of our public of what the media does, politicians do, people can make their own decisionings. >> that does not look like the
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mo most egregious example of air brushing. >> i talked to cindy crawford. she told me, star, tell women i don't wake up cindy crawford every day. they make me to cindy crawford. no one should think the face you see in the advertisements are ones that you can achieve. because i can't achieve it with the help. >> air brushing superskinny is a dangerous thing. >> i agree 100%. we move on, divorce on the decline. this is surprising. among the gen-x generation i put myself in, divorce is declining. you have a theory? >> i'm a baby-boomer, you're a g erge n-x. we're going to rebel against his or her parents. divorce rate is going up, they don't want to be together. kids are going to say i don't like the way you lived your life. i live my differently. i was the wild child in my house. i have two of the straightest girls you will ever meet. they're rebelling.
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it's a classic. >> two things at play. it's economic. a lot of people can't cut the pie in half. there are a lot of people who are -- they simply can't do it. it's not an option. >> filing taxes separately. >> number two, kids who grow up from divorce and who have suffered through it said it's not going to happen to me. and they stay together for the kids. someone who's divorced and a happy, great dad, a great relationship with my kid's mom. first choice is a happy marriage under the same roof. two happy parents. second choice, two happy parents apart. third choice, two unhappy parents with kids. >> where do you come down? is it better to stay together to keep the family unit together, even if the parents are miserable? >> they're making the house hold miserable, it's not better to stay together. it's more about making sure that the people in the house, your children, can look to their mother and father and say this is the kind of woman and man that i want to be. >> happy parents, happy children. >> all right, next topic.
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american overload. i love this topic. they put together a map for people coming overseas, the different countries. where did you gain the most weight on vacation? >> usa! >> we like our 13-inch plates. >> absolutely. the portions are bigger. >> when i'm on vacation in europe, i can lose 8 to 10 pounds. i walk down the street in new york and i'm going to gain. >> america beat out italy, france. >> tell you one of the scariest things, if you look to india, this is a new obese, wealthy part of the world. the indians now with increased money to society, increased food. the wealthy are becoming fat. and i mean a real obese issue. you go to india, you're going to overeat. >> you go to see, you go down to disney world, you see parents and kids eating turkey legs. they're walking around the place like fred flintstone with turkey legs. >> what is that? >> and fried ice cream. >> i mean, yeah. i know. >> yeah.
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>> okay. hang on. >> we have to remember we have these urban deserts where you can't get fresh foods and in a foreign country, especially in italy and places in europe, you can really walk down the street and ghetto may toes and -- >> europeans are -- >> yeah. >> even if you're walking around all day, we live a more sedentary life style. move on to kids and cell phones. a new study out. a lot of talk about whether cell phones causes brain cancer. this studies there is no risk. >> there is no evidence. i want to underscore. there is no scientific evidence that cell phones cause cancer. for all of the people who write me and say i'm wrong. show me the proof, there is no proof. there's some increase of cancer scientific study, well eel report it. but right now there's none. >> how long that -- >> i have a very precocious 8-year-old who by the way is not
9:15 am
getting a cell phone. who desperately wants one. i'm a believer in a certain age 10 and 11 for safety and limited numbers on the phone. but i have such an issue with kids being too connected all the time in everything. whether it's ichat, this -- it may not be causing brain cancer but a kind of social cancer. >> i agree. >> too much connectivity for kids. >> what's the right age, though? >> if you think about it for a minute, if you have one of the kids that gets taken to school by their mom or dad or care giver and then they're in school, then they've got afterschool programs and then they're home with their family. who the heck they need though call? i mean, in fact, it's about a latch key kid that's going to be alone -- >> yeah. >> obviously -- >> my mom used to say don't stay out after midnight. no good ever comes of it. no good happens after midnight. >> yeah. >> and you know what? we don't need to be hearing about that. actually, good segue. moving into after midnight. alex trebek, host of "the
9:16 am
jeopar jeopardy" show woke up in the middle of the night with a burglar in his room and he leapt out of bed to chase down the burglar. but first, he shared he had to put on his underwear. >> there's a female burglar in his hotel room that happened to steal his cash and his wallet? and his jewelry. >> and other things. he went to go and chase the person down. >> naked. >> but the key fact is he said i put on my underwear and then i ran after him. donny, i almost hate to ask you, is this a common practice? for men? >> i -- i, myself, sleep au naturale. sometimes i get chilly i put on a t-shirt. i feel comfortable. when my kids are at my house, i have some shorts on when i'm sleeping. >> sorry, nancy. go on. >> but -- >> equal time. >> i like to sleep naked. >> i make sure that i have some clothes on that i stay in a hotel in los angeles.
9:17 am
sometimes they can have little earthquakes in the middle of the night and you don't want to have to be there -- >> i wouldn't chase a burglar down the hotel hallway, i'm sorry. >> i did ask her. she hasn't volunteered. >> how i sleep at night? >> you'll never know. >> footed pajamas, scarf. >> i'm taking a beating. i want a serious answer. what do you sleep in at night? >> star jones, donny deutsch, nancy schneiderman. always a pleasure. >> this is not -- what happened to -- >> by the way, this is how fantasies go on, deutsche. >> yeah. >> we don't need the boys at home. >> yeah. >> if you have a question or an idea for next week's panel, they're so shy. let's get them out of their shell. and to our website, or tweet us @todayshow. from shopping to traveling. hidden card perks to save you big buckles. and later, beating the heat and staying pretty in the hot tub. makeup tips for summer. but first, these messages.
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this morning on "today's consumer," hidden credit card perks. you know about cash back rewards and airline miles. there are benefits you could shell out big bucks for that are offered for free. an nbc financial analyst. good to see you. >> good to see you. traveling, there's a lot of offers out there. >> yes. trip cancellation insurance, for example, that protects you and your family against forfeited, unused, nonrefundable payments you put on your credit card if your trip is cancelled or interrupted, you're set on that front. karental insurance. a lot of people forget about it and they duplicate the coverage at the counter. they don't know they're covered. >> it's scary that you do it. that your credit card may -- >> you buy the additional damage coverage there. probably don't need that. you have lost luggage insurance as well. if your luggage is missing for an extended period of time, you could be reimbursed up to $3,000
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for those essentials. >> travel assistance? what's that? >> if you're traveling abroad in particular, if you need help finding a doctor, if you lost your prescription medications, some of the higher end cards offer medical evacuations, assistance. roadside assistance is part of the perks as well. if you lose your card or you need a replacement card, emergency cash, they're out there to help. >> if you're doing some shopping, you may find there's some discounts on your credit card as well. >> issuers have teamed up with merchants from walmart to sears, for example. and they'll offer free shipping or 5% to 10% cashback bonuses on your purchases when you make them on-line. this is an interesting perk as well. some of the credit cards offer you discount or free admission to museums, theme parks. you have preferred seating, concerts, to shows, the broadway shows, sporting events. american express is great on that front. these are the perks that are available on a number of cards, not just the high end, not just the platinum. >> go to the card websites and check it out.
9:22 am
>> or go to to see what's out there. >> consumer protection? >> comsumers protection a lot of people don't know about like price protection, for example. if you buy something and you find that same item is lower at another retailer, a card company, like citi, may refund the difference up to the certain amount. you also have protection. so if you go out and buy something and, you know, it's -- it's someone else has again a cheaper price that's out there. but then the extended warranty protection kicks in as well. a lot of people don't know about that one in particular. we're covered. we spend $1 billion on warranties. people don't know they're covered. >> the damage and theft protection as well. >> yes. >> appreciate it. coming up next, what's italian cooking without good tomatoes? you could lose one of them. then today's kitchen. but first, these messages.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> we have a few more clout in the picture. we will pick up some as the one from comes -- warm front comes in. some of those to produce an isolated thunder shower this afternoon. high temperatures in the upper eighties to low 90s, more humid. [ boy ] goldfish sandwich bread in "the new kid in town"! is that the new kid? yeah, he says he can dunk. he's full of baloney. actually, it's peanut butter and jelly! whoa! whoa! new! wholesome! goldfish sandwich bread!
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♪ don't stop believing ♪ ♪ hold on to your dreams ♪ street lights people ♪ friday is almost here. finally. tomorrow on our summer concert stage, journey is going to be treating our crowd. >> what's so funny? >> thinking of the video we shared early. kicking off the weekend in style. savannah and i are rocking out today and breaking in to some journey's t-shirts. >> on a nationwide search right now on the perfect journey t-shirt. >> okay now?
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you're back with us? >> watching the video of the praying mantis. it's hilarious. coming up, beating the summer heat and look good doing it. bobbie thompson will tell us how to sweat proof your makeup and clothes that will keep you cool, she says. an inspirational young man. he's 11 years old, raising money for a cure. he's battling a condition that's common. most of us have never heard of it and he's battling that and raising awareness. when you think about summer, usually you think juicy tomatoes. and who's more juicy than the sc scotto family. >> where are the tomatoes? >> they're cheeky. that's for sure. >> they may be juicy, but they have a lot of ham. italian cheese with a little extra recipe. >> a little extra cheese.
9:32 am
>> al, a check of the weather. first off, a lot of sunshine in the northeast. we do have strong storms making their way from the western great lakes on in to the central plains. sunshine and beautiful weather the pacific northwest. going to be sizzling and hot through the southwest to texas. tropical storm don approaches. the southern texas coastline. we're going to have a slight risk to the central plains. also strong storms. later on in the northeast tomorrow, plenty of >> it is going to be a fairly nice day to day. humidity will go up as we head to the afternoon. slight chance for showers later on today.
9:33 am
>> now natalie is thinking about alex trebek. >> the worst part of that story is, he has his underwear on, right? >> let's not get to that. this cannot go anywhere good. thank you, al, for the weather. natalie, hang in there. >> trying. >> coming up -- >> al is shutting me up. >> he is. cool beauty routines after this. the most fuel-efficient full-line automaker. take advantage of the summer's best selection and the year's biggest deals on our most popular models. don't miss the perfect opportunity to get the toyota you've always wanted. plus, every new toyota comes with toyotacare, a complimentary maintenance plan with roadside assistance. toyota's nationwide clearance event ends soon. hurry in today before time runs out! ♪
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oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪ this morning on "today's beauty," looking good in the scorching days of summer from your makeup to keeping cool in your clothing. today's style editor bobbie thomas has some helpful tips for you. this is the number one question you seem to be getting a lot these days, the hot summer heat wave days. >> everyone is asking what do i do to beat the heat? >> to be cool and look cool.
9:38 am
>> have to give up being stylish. one, i ear wearing one. a favorite of mine is a layering basic that's sheer. you may see this on the rack and think how would i wear that. you can turn a strapless dress like this in a white weekend dress instantly to an office-appropriate look. so linen blazer is great. this might be something else you could do to keep yourself cool. >> keep it sheer and cooler. >> cover it up, but you're able to wear some lighter stuff. >> another cool clothing tip here. >> something we're seeing everywhere are these fun asymmetrical hemlines. if you have a longer skirt, tuck it under the waistband and create a shorter silhouette. you can use a safety pen if you have a maxi dress to create something that's rouged and gives you a little bit more circulation. people tell you to wear light and loose clothing. but, you know -- >> don't make you feel light and loose. >> if you always wear a belt, another way to give you a
9:39 am
flattering silhouette, this looks like a pj top, is just to add a long necklace. >> right. >> so done here. >> like this. >> and ultra long necklace will create shape and instantly dress up. if you take a shot of the whole look. it makes something light and loose that could be too casual a little dressier and give you that line. >> little more refined. >> all right, the next thing over here. there's clothing for men and women. >> yes. this is a brand new line from jockey called stay cool. they claim to keep you 3% cooler. and, so, it's got special patented technology to wick away moisture and keep you cool. so this is a great way to start with your foundation. >> move over to melt-proofing your makeup. a lot of women probably have this issue where nothing seems to stay on, right? so the first thing you say is to minimize how much you're applying to your face? >> we start with the beauty routine and we tend to put the layers on. get a multi-tasker. both of these are fantastic.
9:40 am
i have everything on the website. this is by estee lauder. they're -- this is going to actually take care of evening out your skin tone, spf, minimizing your pores. the all in one wonder. >> you can go without foundation. >> yes. you can swap through a pressed mineral powder. that's going to give you coverage and it won't slide. it's water resistant. you could go for a swim if you apply this right. and another thing if you go to your eyes, i don't use eye liner, a lot of women do. they smear down because it's really hot. this is your own custom color pallet but use an eye shadow and you need a round tipped brush to give you that kind of control. >> moving over, some of the other items from beating your body heat. and showing -- starting with shoes. >> it's hard to keep your feet cool. >> a couple dollars at the drugstore go a long way. silver linings is a silver ion
9:41 am
to fight moisture and bacteria, you have these that are fantastic. these are summer inserts. >> insoles? >> men and women, you can cut them to fit. it will go a long way. for girls like me who have girlfriends. this is a cool product. it's a bra liner. it fits to most of your bras and will absorb extra moisture. if you're in a pinch, i know the guys are going to cringe. they didn't cringe when they saw you do that, you can use a panty liner that can stick on the inside and go under your arms. >> okay. >> girl talk. >> for men and women, guys who hate ring around the collar. it can go inside the shirt. that's a good idea. ladies can do that too to avoid the makeup. pop a little -- these are so great. these purse-sized deodorants. and one of my favorites. this is cora's yogurt which keeps you cool after the sun,
9:42 am
but anti-monkey butt. >> what? >> favorite for soldiers in afghanistan and iraq. they have blogged on their website. >> i don't know what monkey butt is. >> very anti-monkey butt. >> basically chafing season. it gives you a red booty. this has calamine in it to stop the itching and talc to absorb. i'm just the messenger. but this is amazing. >> i learned way too much about monkey butt. >> bobbie thomas, thank you. still to come this morning, they're crazy for tomatoes. they're plain old crazy. the scotto family whipping up an italian feast. but first, these messages. ♪ i can run just like the wind ♪ i will hide up in that tree ♪ no one will ever find me ♪ wish this day would never end ♪ ♪ would you like to be my friend? ♪ ♪ everybody's trying hard to catch me ♪ [ sneezes ] [ female announcer ] only kleenex® brand has sneeze shield in all its tissues to help catch sneezes in their tracks so kids can pass on the fun of being a kid.
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kraft singles. we're rich in calcium to help build 'em up strong.
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ooh, watch out, bad guys. kraft singles. the american cheese. today's kitchen is brought to you by kraft singles, the american cheese. as opposed to john scotto, the italian cheese. this morning in "today's kitchen" using fresh thoomatoe h the scotto family. the new york restaurant fresco by scotto are here to tell us how to make it. good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> starting with artichokes. now, everyone thinks that it's so hard to cook a heart chok-- artichoke. cut off the stem. i try to take it down as much as possible to take off all of the storms. you have to get a little scissor and cut the little thorns on the
9:47 am
side. >> it's a lot of work. >> it's not. but when you eat it, it's so good, so delicious, that you can get all of your frustrations out. open this up. you know you got to get your frustrations out. open it up in the middle, take the choke out. when you do, the choke is this middlesex. and you put it in lemon and water so it doesn't change colors. put it in a pot and it poaches. and we cook it for an hour. but in the pot, the water has to have salt, lemons, and some herbs. so it takes the bitterness out of the artichoke. >> what you're going to put in the middle in the place of the choke is -- >> from choke to joke. >> i'm the stuffer. johnny stuffer. so now i'm going to stuff it with tomatoes. we have red onions, we have basil. okay.
9:48 am
salt. >> right. >> a little pepper. >> yeah. what's the dressing? >> olive oil and vinegar. mix it all together -- balsamic, okay. now we get it. here's the hard part -- >> right. >> we stuff it. >> and that's the hard part. >> wait, wait -- >> then we have our pasta with bread crumbs. >> very nice. >> we're moving on now. that's amore. >> let's go down to -- >> we have veal. >> we have these veal chops at home and trying to figure out what to do with them? lunchtime. lunch or dinner type situation. >> this is a big lunch. >> we've taken the veal chop and we're pounding. people with use a cloth or -- >> something on top. >> i like the saran wrap so you can throw it out afterwards. you want to throw it outafter wards. >> we pounded it. >> very thin. >> soak it ahead of time which is here. then start the vegetables.
9:49 am
>> awe snd saute them? >> in olive oil. start with the tomatoes. peppers, onions. >> and you like the cherry tomatoes. they're in season, right? a little salt. pepper. going to saute that puppy for two or three minutes. once we've done that, going to take the topping, as if that's done already. >> how long did you saute it? >> two minutes on each side. want to get it on each side and we're done with it. >> top that with this. balsamic vinegar. >> amazing. >> yeah. >> you're done. >> mouth watering good. >> right. >> we love it. >> okay. no meal is complete without dessert. we're making an ice cream float. what's the word? >> oscomato -- that means to drowness. we're going to drown our ice cream in gelato and good stuff.
9:50 am
very old school. chocolate syrup. give me some cream soda. >> yes, the whole thing. >> yeah, go for it. >> and then we're going to add espresso. >> oh, i like the sound of that. >> and we're going to mix it up. >> want me to stir it? >> yes, the only thing i'm qualified to do. >> and -- >> i thought you said i-forgot-oh. >> oh. >> it means you're drowning it. >> you're drowning it. >> you know, you kids should get out more. it's a beautiful country, italy. so we're going to pour it in to our little ice cream here. >> any ice cream would work? >> any, sure. >> and we're going to add a little whipped cream on top. >> what's this? >> well, that is amaretto'. it's chocolate, a little bit of
9:51 am
cinnamon, and we're going to add a little bit of amaretto. >> add the whole thing in? >> just kidding? >> pour liberally. >> and give you guys a shot at something. >> yes. >> okay, thank you. >> happy drowned -- >> oh, my. >> it's almost the weekend. we can celebrate. >> exactly. >> dressed uproot beer float. >> you put chocolate sauce on top. >> chocolate sauce on top. >> very simple recipe. have it outside, inside. >> don't forget mine. thank you, sir. >> all right. >> al-forgot-oh. >> have a couple of these and al-forgot-oh. oh, i remember you. john anthony, elena, thank you so much. recipes are on our website, back in a moment. but first this, is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens virginia,
9:52 am
where baltimore goes to get away. maybe it's because baltimore loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into. get started at
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still to come on "today," hoda and kathie lee hit the road and the beach. they're going to show you their wild time together coming up. >> we're hoping. >> we're saying. >> watch out rehoboth. who cares? relationships and dating from a man's standpoint. >> oh! >> in all humor, there is truth. >> thank you. have a good summer? >> great. >> there we go. >> we love this. we will never forget about this. >> forget about it! >> oh, i'm sorry. >> first your local news and weather. >> have a great day! tomorrow, journey, live. get ready to rock with america's all-time favorite. the toyota summer concert series, only on "today" on nbc.
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> a few more clouds in the picture. high temperatures started in the 60's and 70's. those readings will be coming into the 70's and 80's. it will be a bit more humid during the day. a warm front will produce this mixture of clouds and sunshine.
9:58 am
small chance for a shower or small chance for a shower or later
9:59 am

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